Upgrade to electric yard tools

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Why It Matters

Electric tools are cleaner and cheaper in the long run — and in many cases are the only legal option, as gas tools are being banned in some cities because of the pollution they spew.

Benefits for You

With electric tools, you can enjoy a quieter, healthier day in the yard while saving almost $200 a year on fuel and maintenance.

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  • How To Start

    Take advantage of major retailers’ search filters when buying electric tools. Home Depot’s site lets you compare corded and battery-powered models.

  • What Comes Next

    See if you can get paid for making the switch to electric tools. Cities and utility companies across America are offering cash to those who upgrade.

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Danny and daughter with electric lawnmower

“Zero sacrifice to make – it’s so much quieter and no pollution in our atmosphere.”

Danny Park City, UT

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