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Why It Matters

Native plants are better for pollinators and — because they cut the need for water and chemicals — better for the environment too.

Benefits for You

Less effort for a more beautiful yard? Saving money on water, fertilizers, and pesticides? Check, check, check, check, and check.

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Recommendations for how to take action

  • How To Start

    Skip the frequent mowing and plant a few native species. After that, you can let nature do most of the work.

  • Where to Learn More

    Check out the National Audubon Society’s Native Plants Database for details on which plants are native to your area and what kinds of wildlife they attract.

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Jason's son frolicking in his wild flowers

“A few years ago, I tilled up all the grass on our corner lot and spread a bunch of native plant seeds. Our house is now neighborhood famous!”

Jason C Madison, WI

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