Compost your yard waste

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Why It Matters

Prevent your yard waste from rotting in a landfill by feeding your garden with natural, nutrient-rich yard clippings.

Benefits for You

Your yard waste can provide you with free, nutrient-rich compost, worth an estimated $75 in savings every year.

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Recommendations for how to take action

  • How To Start

    Determine which type of bin is best for you and your yard. Common options are tumbling bins, stationary bins, or vermicomposting bins (with worms).

  • Where to Learn More

    Check out the EPA’s Composting At Home page for details on what you can expect once you start composting your yard waste.

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Cole with yard waste

“Creating a yard waste compost pile helps reduce this waste, reduces my labor, and provides me with free mulch.”

Cole Patterson Succasunna, NJ

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T.C. Huntington, NY
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