Level up to an electric bike

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Why It Matters

Swapping your car for an e-bike can mean a cleaner, cheaper, and healthier commute.

Benefits for You

Five e-bike commutes a week could save you $800 a year — and that's after you unlock tax incentives by buying one.

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  • How To Start

    Before you make the plunge, try to figure out your e-bike needs. How far will you bike? Do you live near some serious hills?

  • What Comes Next

    There’s no shortage of options here. Make sure you compare models on their size, battery range, power, cost, and performance.

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Molly's husband with kids on an e-bike

“With little kids, the joy of hopping on a bike rather than wrestling car seats and parking is huge. We all get fresh air, avoid bottlenecks, and have fun!”

Molly Friederich Denver, CO

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Molly Friederich Denver, CO
Molly Friederich Denver, CO
Molly Madison, WI


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