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Why It Matters

Your old HVAC drains your wallet and spews out pollution. Installing a heat pump solves both problems.

Benefits for You

A heat pump can save you $1k on yearly energy bills, and you can unlock thousands in tax credits by installing one.

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  • How To Start

    Check out Consumer Reports’ Heat Pump Buying Guide for details on what you should look for when considering a heat pump.

  • Where to Learn More

    Once you decide to buy, check out Rewiring America’s Incentive Calculator to see exactly how much you could save.

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“Our AC broke in the summer and instead of replacing it, we upgraded to a super-efficient heat pump. Can’t wait to slap some solar on and get both heating and cooling for free!”

Vicky V Madison, WI

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Vicky V Madison,WI
Vicky V Madison,WI
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